A Unique of Bathroom Decor

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Classic and timeless are all very well but if the family should have the new bathroom decor in question both have a colorful strong personality and some odd ideas about how a beautiful bathroom could look like, so there is good potential for their particular choice of bathroom will to make an impression even on you.

How can it be that the manufacturers that make bathroom fittings, prepare colorful, quirky and sometimes almost bit crazy ideas in new bathrooms and yet it is the whites, neutrals and classic bathrooms perched at Top?

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Are we Swedes are so afraid to stand out or are we perhaps even unsure of what style we like. Maybe we want, clean out, do not have any eye-catching and unique in the bathroom. Unfortunately, we believe in bathroom trends that a lot of our ideas are in our heritage and our culture. An argument often heard is that a bathroom should be neutral to keep the style of the time but what is there to say that a silver or gold bathroom disagree style over time? If gold or silver is your personal style so will your unique bathroom that feel just as modern and different now after 15 years.

A unique bathroom decor gives the bathroom a soul and an expression that is solid. Here we show Vedums example of a unique bathroom with a mix of different styles. The rustic bathroom cabinets, rustic floor with the rough ceramic tiles resembling bricks and tiles that is of a more long-distance Far East style. Together they give the whole a rural and quiet style with a nice touch of spicy details. To the bathroom, even though it is not visible in the picture, contains both a bath and shower makes it even more complete.

Classic lines in bathroom decor are things that still demand a lot and a stylish twist with a sense of modern softness invites Dansani on. Not a corner or hard-edged but just soft rounded lines throughout. This applies to the bathroom cabinet, bathroom mirror and bathroom interior with drawers under the sink. If you want the whole bathroom will remain classic and neutral and we will match you with light gray towels and rug and want to put a little more life and energy into the bathroom decor, you can choose orange or turquoise which is both energetic and vibrant colors.

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5 Photos of the A Unique of Bathroom Decor

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