African Inspired Living Room and Bedroom Designs

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During this time the territory within the African continent famous for their wildlife but interesting to be enjoyed. In this area there’s also various kinds of animals that live in the wild with independent without any interference at all. It is not a strange thing if many travelers or tourists who come and visit this place with the aim of enjoying life or watch these animals.

Besides a very natural atmosphere can serve as a source of new ideas for creating a design concept to a space or interior, such as a bedroom. To create African inspired living room and bedroom designs there are some tips that we can do.

african bedroom designs

The main thing is, we should not use elements taken from animals or nature directly as this could damage the ecosystem and natural life in the area.

So all the materials used must be created yourself using other materials in accordance with the power of creativity that we have and use materials that are created by human hands or factory-made products.

For example, on a bed which is a major element of the bedroom. The bed linen or blankets used to cover the mattress does not use leather which is usually obtained by killing the animals with reason have skin with a very beautiful and has good quality. This skin is replaced with a fabric that was given motif as animal skins.

african bedroom decorating ideas

The same thing can be done on other elements such as fabric to cover pillows and bolsters. Then on the edges can be artificial or imitation fur from wool or the like.

If the relic at the top of the bed can be an ornament of the head of an animal obtained through hunting, this should not be done again. Because in addition to law prohibited we must also preserve the life of the animal as well and realize if they also have the right to enjoy life not dissimilar to humans.

As an alternative to bring more African inspired living room and bedroom designs feel of thick, we can replace the animal’s head with a wall painting. Make several paintings featuring some of the face or head of an animal with a different position. This painting can be arranged together or separately but with the same size and uses the concept of lining.

To design the living room, you can apply the following ideas :

- You can install the wallpaper African desert on your living room wall.

- For the couch or table furniture you can use zebra skin pattern or other animal skins are more character. If you prefer you can choose wooden furniture wooden tables and chairs that have ethnic character.

- Feel free to display the mask, stone carvings and sculptures as characteristic of Africa to your home decor.

- Painting African tribes also you can plug in the living room. If you want to install the glass, you can choose the type of glass timber with African designs that reinforce your theme.

- Another Alternative to enliven African design is to add 1 side wall of bamboo.

Want to realize the idea of African inspired living room and bedroom designs?

5 Photos of the African Inspired Living Room and Bedroom Designs

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