Awesome of Home Decor Ideas for Fireplaces

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Your home protects your floor and reduces the risk of fires that may occur as a result of the coals, ashes or the warmth of the home decor ideas for fireplaces. The material for the home must be non-flammable fire safety reasons, but there are several options for various materials and design methods to customize your look.


The material that you choose helps to create the decorative appearance of the home. A brick chimney creates a traditional appearance in the base thereof. This option works well if the brick fireplace also has around because mixing bricks for a unified look. The tiles give you many options as they come in different materials, colors and styles, from elegant to rustic. If you do not like the idea of grout lines, a slab of stone is another option. You can achieve a smooth appearance without grid tiles look. Alternatively, natural stacked stone creates a home for a rustic fireplace look.

home decorating ideas for fireplace mantels


The minimum size for the home decor ideas for fireplaces hearth depends on local building codes. The code should specify the distance at which the chimney should extend from the front of platform fire in the room and the width of the slab beyond the edges of the platform. The larger the opening of the combustion chamber, the greater must be the home. A minimum of 16 inches (40 cm) from the front of the combustion chamber is recommended, along with a wide hearth of 8 inches (20 cm) on each side of the opening the combustion chamber. If the opening is more than 6 square feet (0.55 m square), extends 20 inches (50 cm) out to 12 inches (30 cm) on each side.


Height is another way to personalize your home fireplace. A common choice is that the home is flush with the rest of the floor. This avoids the risk of stumbling and allows home mix. If you lift platform fire in the fireplace, you have the option of installing a raised hearth. The height of home decor ideas for fireplaces gives a dramatic touch to the home and it becomes more of a focal point. One stone works well with high design because it gives the appearance of stacked stones.

home decorating ideas for fireplace mantels

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