Fountain and Pond for Water Garden

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Courtyard in the front yard or the backyard is nice to be designed as beautiful garden. Such a lovely garden will make the house more beautiful. Garden is not only functioned as house decoration. It is also the green area where we can relax while enjoying beautiful view and breathe some fresh air.

We often plant flowers, trees, and other plants in the garden. We also build lovely pathway in the garden to make it look beautiful. Garden would be more captivating if we place fountain and pond for water garden. Small fountain with stones or pebbles in the front yard would be great for nice impression. For the backyard garden, we can design a pond filled with lovely colored fish and water lily. We can also build small bamboo or wood bridge above the pond for more attractive garden. This lovely garden is cool as a place for relax. We can build the wood deck or gazebo where we can sit there and enjoy the beautiful view.

Traditional Japanese water garden style

Water garden is great to complement the garden. It gives the fresh and natural sensation when we are in the garden. One more thing, we need to keep the fountain and pond clean for better health.

20 Photos of the Fountain and Pond for Water Garden

Wood box for water gardenUnique water garden designUnique modern pond for water gardenTraditional water fountain for water gardenTraditional Japanese water garden styleSmall waterfall with stones for natural water gardenSmall pond with water lily for water gardenSmall pond with unique ornament for water gardenSmall pond with trees and stones for water gardenSmall fountain for water gardenRound ponds with plants for water gardenPond surrounded by natural stones for water gardenModern watering for water gardenModern waterfall for water gardenLovely fountains for water gardenLong shaped pond with flowers for water gardenFish pond with fountain and plants for water gardenFish pond surrounded by the stones for water gardenBamboo for Japanese water garden styleArtificial made waterfall for water garden

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