Japanese Style for Outstanding Minimalist Penthouse

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Japan is may be recognized as the most Asian developed country in the world. Their technology invention and innovation, their culture are widely spread throughout the world. Japanese people are well-known as modern people who still preserve their traditional culture as well. Japanese culture and technology influence can be seen in the architecture.

The modern and minimalist Japanese housing style in big city often influence other people outside Japan, or even far from Asia. In Japan biggest city of Tokyo, modern minimalist housing styles are commonly found. Such housing like apartment and penthouse in Tokyo usually have modern stylish minimalist design. It reflects the Japanese people lifestyle where everything must be simple and not time-wasting.

Japanese design for minimalist penthouse living room

Japanese housing style can be manifested in penthouse design. The idea of Japanese style for outstanding minimalist penthouse seems to be alluring. The design is minimalist, so you don’t need to place much furniture inside. Besides the minimalist design, the Japanese style can also be reflected in choosing the interior stuff or ornament. You can place book shelves cling to the wall for space efficiency. The other way is that you can put some traditional Japanese ornament to give the taste of Japan.

20 Photos of the Japanese Style for Outstanding Minimalist Penthouse

White metal ladder for Japanese style minimalist penthouseModern Japanese design for minimalist penthouseModern Japanese design for minimalist penthouse bedroomMinimalist penthouse with Japanese ethnic ornamentJapanese wood table set for minimalist penthouseJapanese wood floor for minimalist penthouseJapanese style table and lamp for minimalist penthouse living roomJapanese style for minimalist penthouse bathroomJapanese style for minimalist penthouse bathroom with wide glassJapanese ladder style for minimalist penthouseJapanese ethnic ornament for minimalist penthouseJapanese ethnic black and white design for minimalist penthouseJapanese design minimalist penthouse with ethnic ornamentJapanese design for suite penthouseJapanese design for minimalist penthouse small kitchenJapanese design for minimalist penthouse living roomJapanese design for minimalist penthouse deskJapanese design for minimalist black and white penthouse bedroomJapanese deisgn for minimalist penthouse dining roomEthnic white lamp and ornaments for Japanese style penthouse

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