Wood fake fireplace mirror

Fake Fireplace for Home Decoration

Fake Fireplace – Fireplace has been involved in many home interior designs, especially for houses in cold region or four season country. Fire has double functions to warm the room and beautify it at the same time. There are some kinds of fireplace such as classic stone fireplace, modern fireplace, indoor fireplace, and outdoor fireplace. If you like to put fireplace in your house as part of the design, perhaps […]

bathroom interior design colors

How to Make Over the Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Interior Design – If you want to remake a bathroom in its entirety, replacing the shower/tub, sink, cupboards and bathroom, you should to make an interior demolition or what is commonly called “gutting” a bathroom. This is not a difficult project, unlike the more complex and delicate tasks such as installing new fixtures. Remodeling of the the wiring and new plumbing up the bulk. However, to prepare the bathroom, […]

house design interior decorating

Simple Tips to Change House Interior Design

This time, I will give you some easy tips to change the house interior design. One of the heavy furniture to be replaced or moved to another room is the sofa. Old sofa is a pity to be moved. Moreover, if we’ve felt very comfortable when sitting on our old couch. But if it is not removed or replaced with a new sofa, then what we plan to change the […]

english style living room ideas

English Living Room Ideas

English Living Room Ideas – You could paint each wall a different color and striking, placing borders in a different colors for your English living room ideas. Divide the room into different areas with their respective signs and materials such experiments area, conversation, costumes, crafts, reading, art, etc. And put big foamy ornaments for each area (going to like a lot). Put a name to each chair in a foamy […]

bedroom inspiration by color

Nordic Bedroom Inspiration

Nordic bedroom inspiration - The bedroom is the main room of the house for a rest and relaxation, and that is why we must prepare it properly for a pleasant environment to help us feel comfortable and invite you to enjoy the tranquility. There are many decorative trends we can inspire us to achieve certain aesthetic, but for this occasion I have chosen as a reference Nordic style so fashionable in […]

studio apartment decorating tips

Small Studio Apartment Decorating

Small studio apartment decorating – This tip is for you to have a small studio apartment so and have a small studio room you want to decorate and also serves to you having a large apartment, but has lost that little space that you do not know what to do. The secret is the use of space and lightness allows you to make small studio apartment decorating. - If the […]