Suitcase fake fireplace

Fake Fireplace for Home Decoration

Fake Fireplace – Fireplace has been involved in many home interior designs, especially for houses in cold region or four season country. Fire has double functions to warm the room and beautify it at the same time. There are some kinds of fireplace such as classic stone fireplace, modern fireplace, indoor fireplace, and outdoor fireplace. If you like to put fireplace in your house as part of the design, perhaps […]

feng shui curtain colors for bedroom

Create Colorful Curtains for Bedroom

The teens want to have a room that reflects their personality and often parents have no ideas of design with which they feel comfortable. The windows are usually the focal point of the room, here we propose to make fun and colorful curtains for bedroom and some paint to add character to the room. Let’s start with a plain white curtains, you can buy them or make yourself taking the […]

concept bathroom cabinet

Easy Minimalist Bathroom Concept Ideas

Minimalist bathroom concept is very necessary if you want to get a beautiful bathroom. Bathroom is a space that is essential for those who are truly able to ensure that their body hygiene needs are met. Now this is rampant about what the concept of minimalist bathroom. Certainly not many people who understand the concept. It is about the idea that a bathroom where a minimalist, concise, and well able […]

Awesome Basement Designs

Lets Go to Make An Awesome Basement Designs

Awesome basement designs - if you have an unused basement or you only use the basement as a dark and stuffy warehouse. it never hurts to renovate or make the basement more alive and useful. for example, you want to add a bedroom or bathroom. but you do not have the land or the cost to make it happen. yes exactly once. there is only one way that we can […]

spring trends for the home

Spring Home Decor Trends 2014

Spring Home Decor Trends 2014 – Allegra and ethereal are the words that best describe fashion trends spring 2012 decorating. The focus is to the neutral beige background of white, cream or with bursts of color and style inspiration is in the accessories, fabrics also furniture arrangements. There is also a trend towards saving money updating that make a big impact on the budget. In spring trends furniture decoration, is […]

luxury interior design concept

Luxury Interior Design Home Decor

A luxury interior design home decor covers everything from marble columns to the collection of glass paintings originals damask table linen oyster shell oil. Living in luxury with notes a lifestyle where nothing is lacking and no spend is spared. Having a luxurious home decor means only buy the most expensive things available in each category? No means furnish and decorate with the best taste, highest quality and also often […]