The Beauty of Dark Bathroom Decor Designs

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We often see white bathroom decor, but it need not be white, white, and white to feel fresh, bright and soothing. In this dark bathroom decor has, for example, chosen bathroom furniture in dark wood and matching tiles and floor tiles in the mosaic.

In this large bathroom you can fit a shower and tub, double sinks and large storage furniture. The large bathroom furniture helps keep small picking out of the way. It actually becomes slightly messy with all the creams, ointments and makeup that you need to use the bathroom.

dark green bathroom decor

The bathroom’s great in it, but there are some factors that make it look even a little bigger, as the huge amount of light, the white walls and the large mirror.

One with nature

The idea behind this dark bathroom decor was that you wanted in the outdoor environment of the bathroom. The colors that are in the bathroom represents namely such as are beach right outside – beige sand, brown trees, gray stone and blue sky and sea. Even the white porcelain stands for something that is on the beach – shells. You just have to open the window lay back in the tub, close your eyes and let the waves wipe away every ounce of stress in the body.

Line – the natural choice

To maintain the harmonious feeling as natural colors give the room, so we have to INR two towel rails that complement the natural theme – LINC 21 Line and ARC 30 Line . In this bathroom, they have the round variety LINC 21 Line towel rail. It’s not just so narrow that it hardly takes up any space, it also is energy efficient. It fits as naturally into this dark bathroom decor!

dark wood bathroom accessories

5 Photos of the The Beauty of Dark Bathroom Decor Designs

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