The Most Efficient Crop for an Urban Garden

urban garden examples

Urban Garden – The need to be in touch with nature is getting bigger in the cities instead. Between concrete walls and paved streets, start birth alternative urban cultures where people can plant shapes and watch them grow their own food to feed themselves or just to experience the joy of seeing your home or neighborhood greener. The gardens are the best way to begin this essential connection of life. […]

How to Use Color on the Small Room Walls

small room wall paint ideas

Small Room Walls – Color is a key to creating a functional, dynamic and aesthetic space part. This can be designed by simply applying different textures or colors in our walls. But to have such small spaces it is believed not to be used in small spaces and you should only add color through furniture. Here we show you a guide of how to apply a lot of color on […]

How to Design an Outdoor Lighting Plan

how to design outdoor lighting plan

Outdoor Lighting Plan – How to design an outdoor lighting plan: LIMBO. Well-design theme lighting is an essential component of the outer areas. Here is a list of things you should consider before going to the electrician. Instructions Start by exit of vehicles. Want to light poles or other illumination devices all output from vehicles? Or just at the entrance? Decide whether you want to install outdoor lighting bulbs elsewhere […]

Multifunctional Rooms

multifunctional rooms design

Multifunctional Rooms – today, we live in smaller spaces and find the best solution to decorate and offer us perform various functions in the same place. Therefore, the multifunctional spaces are a good solution. Due to the lack of walls, in the broad areas we can design such concepts; found the solution by using furniture that serve to sever in mini-environments and realize a multifunctional home. The most important thing […]

Gallery of Kitchen Decoration Tips Give Personality

kitchen decorating accessory ideas

Kitchen Decoration – Your kitchen can be your favorite corner of the house if you can decorate it according to your personality. If you choose the colors, the furniture and the style that best identify you, you will achieve the perfect space truly feel at home. The kitchen provides warmth to your home is where you eat breakfast every morning and you turn to when you get hungry from work […]

Creating the Cottage Style Home

cottage style homes interior

Cottage Style Home – The Country Chic Cottage or style is known for its rustic air but romantic and subtle. Stylish spaces for its ancient, natural and simple elements. This style was born in the cottages and rural Europe, especially the British, whose base is the classic English style and fused with the rustic elements of the Victorian era. After gain popularity in colonial times in America, became popularized in […]