We need a basement design concepts


Basement design concepts - Limited land often forces you to think to get around the existing space in the house so as to meet the needs of all family members. The addition of the solution space becomes the main course, be it at the bottom or top of the building. For additional space in the lower level, you can do a renovation on basement design concepts. Redecorating or doing basement design […]

Decorated With Pastel Home Color

pastel home accessories

Pastel Home – Only a few days to officially arrives this weekend, let’s put a little color to the home decor with a proposal like this so interesting that we are about to meet. Before going into details, I must confess that initially hesitate long to publish this post. The truth is I am one of those people who start little by pastel colors and clear! that is just my […]

Outdoor Office Design

office design concepts

Office Design – Design offices in the garden? Yes, it is. Today we show furniture that will be trend this spring – summer 2013 on everything related to office furniture or why not, for outdoor furniture. Directed by the renowned British architect David Ajasa, the Tetra Shed, a stunning and innovative office design ideal for outdoor born. This new proposal is a different office to enjoy the world of work […]

Make a Basement Design and Build


Basement design and build - In Indonesia, we often encounter basement in the big building such as malls and office buildings. Basement serves for parking areas. Because presence of basemen on big building is very important to overcome the narrow parking space. However, in foreign countries like America, the basement can be found in every home because they are aware of the importance of the function of the basement, especially if […]

Basement Bedroom Design Ideas

basement bedroom design ideas

Basement bedroom design ideas - What will you do when you are getting tired? Of course, the answer is rest. You go to bed in your bedroom. No one can disturb you. The bedroom is a private space. The bedrooms are not only used to break or to bed.The bed is also commonly used for spending leisure time. In general, a bedroom built on the land. But, have you ever […]

Master Bedroom Design in Luxurious Home

master bedroom designs

Master Bedroom Design in Luxurious Home. This time, I will talk about the master bedroom design. The master bedroom is a room in a home that has differences than the other rooms in the home. The main bedroom has special interior design. It even has interior design that is better than the other rooms. Its size is larger than the other rooms. This is why, the main room is used […]