Definition of Tudor Style

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Tudor Style – Paying attention back to the English medieval classical architecture, the original Tudor houses were built in the late fifteenth century. The name comes from Tudor era’s ruling family, which included King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. In the 1890s, the architectural style was revived in England and America. The Tudor style houses share distinctive features that make them unmistakably Tudor. Lattice Wood In Tudor houses skeletal […]

What Kind of Interior Design Combined With a Tudor House?

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Tudor House – If you are lucky enough to own a Tudor style house, you might want to decorate your interior with a theme that replicates the look that was popular during this historical period. The Tudors ruled England between 1485 and 1603 and they were known for their opulent style that included dark wood, very elaborate fabrics and handmade carpets. Window Covering and walls Royalty during the Tudor boasted […]

Ideas to Decorate the Bath in a Tudor Home

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Tudor Home – When it comes to decorating your home, the bathroom style can often be overlooked. However, decorating this room demonstrate your level of care and attention to detail in the design of your home. If your house has an English Tudor inspiration, you might want to somehow coordinate each room with this style of architecture. If you want your bathroom look true to the style of the house, […]

How to Fake a Tudor Bed

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Tudor Bed – The Tudor style reflects the furniture, fabrics and crafts that dominated the sixteenth-century England. The heavy wooden furniture, high frame four poster beds, rich deles, handmade ornaments and bright colors are aspects of Tudor style interior decorators use today. The style illustrates the likes of the medieval royal chambers and ornate mansions and castles in England. You can create a bedroom with a fake Tudor style bed […]

Adding a Porch to a House Tudor Style

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House Tudor Style – A Tudor house requires a screened porch that reflects the architectural style Tudor. Exposed beams that form under the porch roof can work well. The shape of the porch roof should complement the shape of the main roof of the home. From a design perspective, the size of the porch no matter how the style and materials used both. For example, a small porch over the […]

Defining a French Farmhouse Style Tudor

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French Farmhouse- French Tudor style houses that were popular in the late 1800s are just part of a Tudor Revival period. The farm has an obviously medieval showing that is both elegant and rustic. Their architectural features make the house is easily recognizable. Homeowners can decorate the landscape and design to create a luxurious look of a medieval farmhouse. Exterior Features French Tudor homes are two-story structures with pitched roofs […]